Visa information

Generally, a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the Kingdom of Thailand is required to obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or a Royal Thai Consulate-General. Citizens of the following 13 countries are exempt from visa requirements for purposes other than strictly tourism: Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Peru, Russia and Vietnam. (There are further exemptions for holders of diplomatic/official passports).

The Local Organising Committee advises you to check with the embassy/consulates in your respective country regarding visa application requirements. A non-tourist visa B (business) may be the easiest option in your country, or F-Visa (ordinary passport-holder who will attend the meeting with invitation of the Royal Thai Government, NSTDA). Find your Thai embassy here:

If you have consulted your embassy/consulate and still have questions about which visa is appropriate, please contact LOC member Kampanart Silva (cc ).

The Local Host will not be able to co-fund any of your visa fee but will try their best to facilitate the process. As all Thai Embassies will be closed for a long public holiday in early April, it is advisable to complete the visa application by the end of March.

Visa Invitation Letters

If you need a visa invitation letter, please contact the GYA Membership Office (Franziska Güntner and Geert Luteijn): and include the following information:

  • which visa type are you applying for?
  • passport number and country
  • name as it appears in the passport
  • affiliation (employer/employment) and personal address