1. Take a quick video of your suitcase (use your phone) before putting it through boarding check. (When a piece of luggage gets lost, you will be asked for a detailed description of it. Nothing is more detailed than a live-action video of your suitcase)
  2. Make sure you adorn your suitcase with something easily recognizable (ribbons, belts, stickers, etc.)
  3. When arriving at BKK airport, use the middle one of the three immigration halls (which normally means to continue walking straight past the first one that is reached). It usually has the shortest queues.
  4. Bring a colour copy of your passport. When traveling have the copy in your suitcase and carry the passport on you. When at the hotel, lock your passport in the hotel safe and keep the colour copy on you.
  5. Use the hotel safe rather than the one in your room for securing cash.
  6. Make sure to bring a rudimentary kit of things you need in your hand luggage just in case your suitcase takes a bit longer to arrive.
  7. Want more tips for traveling? Here’s your guide for visiting Thailand the first time, and possible ideas for what to pack.