Dear members, alumni and friends of the GYA,

It is less than a week now until the AGM. Last minute preparations are now underway. We hope you have your suitcases ready to be packed. Please do not forget all your notes, ideas and thoughts that you may want to discuss with your fellow GYA members next week.

Quick Reminders

◊ Please make sure you have all the information on the bus shuttle taking you to and from the airport in Bangkok. Do check again by visiting this page: AGM Transport: Bus schedule, alternative transport.

◊ Update on the optional excursion on 12 May: Online registration is now closed. If you have registered, you are on the list. If you want to register and pay in cash on-site, there will be an opportunity to do so throughout the week.

◊ The previous news ticker issues are all posted here for easy reference. So you can easily check back on information about the dinner events (please remember to pack for cultural diversity night) – in that same issue we provided a list of all the Working Groups present at the AGM. Or how about joining the morning activities planned? Find information on them in this post. In case you need some more reading material on the conference topic, then this post is the one to check out.

◊ If you are looking for the reimbursement form, then find it here. Procedure to have certain costs reimbursed can be found on the AGM Microsite’s page on co-funding. If in doubt, please contact at the Office  through email now or on site next week.

◊ Get to know the new GYA members before the AGM: Connections 2018 is now available.

◊ Book of Abstracts and schedule for the member lightning talks are now available for you here.
◊ Find the up-to-date list of members and alumni in attendance here: AGM 2018 Registered Members & Alumni

Member Skills Bazar at the AGM

Thank you to everyone who filled in the ‘roles at the AGM’ survey! Some of you wrote in skills you can share and/or skills being sought. You can find a sorted list on this intranet page: AGM 2018 Skills Bazaar
We suggest that those who are seeking help get in touch with others and arrange for meetings, for example during meals or after dinner! Please remember that this is entirely voluntary and respect the time constraints of those who have offered help! When writing to people, cc others with similar interests to create synergies!

National Young Academies at the AGM 2018

The GYA is delighted that a number of NYAs will be represented at our 2018 AGM! Apart from several of our GYA members who are also members of a national young academy, representatives from the German Young Academy, the Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology and the Royal Society Te Apārangi’s Early Career Researcher Forum (NZ) will attend. An NYA breakfast meeting on Thursday, 10 May will bring together GYA members who are involved in their NYA, GYA members working towards establishing an NYA in their country, and the external NYA representatives to discuss various NYA-related issues.

Working Groups and Incubators at the AGM

Working groups and Incubators can find all WG-related information for the AGM (e.g. presentation template; group posters for the fair) on the Intranet here: GYA AGM 2018: preparations for WGs/Incubators (Intranet forum post). Please direct any questions you may have re. WGs/Incubators and the AGM to at the Office.


Six months ago, the EC met in person in Halle half way through their term to evaluate their progress on achieving their portfolio goals. At the AGM, we’ll be hearing from the EC about how the rest of their term went. Watch this video, made at the Halle meeting, to capture what the EC was busy with at the time so you are up to speed for the AGM session on the internal reports by the EC!


Reminder: GYA North-South Interdisciplinary Project Grant – open for applications

The 2018 call for applications for the GYA North-South Interdisciplinary Project Grant is open! This grant scheme, introduced at the AGM 2014, seeks to support the development of small-scale, innovative, curiosity-driven, blue-sky, exploratory research pilots or prototypes that unite GYA members in developed and developing countries and cross-disciplinary boundaries. Each year, the GYA can grant up to 10,000 EUR to the best project.
Applications should be submitted by 15 June 2018. Find more details about it here.

Science Outreach at the AGM – National Science Museum Workshop: GYA and public engagement of SDGs.

The objectives of this moderated workshop will be to promote the role of the GYA in public engagement of science and the SDGs amongst school children and the public in Thailand and possibly beyond. The workshop will aim to initiate a plan for GYA’s contribution in SDG outreach communication globally and locally in order to focus efforts and develop partnerships with local agencies.
Parallel session on 10 May 16:00 – 18:00.

AGM for the first time? Five steps to a successful AGM!

  1. It is a working meeting! While there is a conference part to it, keep in mind that you will find time and opportunity to network with your fellow GYA members – make use of that time!
  2. Remember to come prepared. Make notes of things you want to discuss. How about always having your mobile with a memo-function on you. Want to take down a note? Recording it with your dictaphone app might be quickest because pen and paper are never handy, right?
  3. Get engaged! Proactivity is the keyword here. Join a working group, run for a seat in the EC, join one of our committees … your tenure as a member will only ever be what you make of it. The EC members always have an open ear. Contact Tolu or Moritz with whatever suggestion, idea or concern you might have. Also: If you have any question whatsoever, remember the Office is here to help you!
  4. Attend the breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They are the perfect, usually slightly more informal option to networking! Sit together, eat, drink and make plans for the next up-and-coming GYA Incubator.
  5. It is a meeting of people from 80 countries; many individuals from different cultures. An open mind and acceptance will go a long way.

Last tips for traveling.

  1. Take a quick video of your suitcase (use your phone) before putting it through boarding check. (When a piece of luggage gets lost, you will be asked for a detailed description of it. Nothing is more detailed than a live-action video of your suitcase)
  2. Make sure you adorn your suitcase with something easily recognizable (ribbons, belts, stickers, etc.)
  3. When arriving at BKK airport, use the middle one of the three immigration halls (which normally means to continue walking straight past the first one that is reached). It usually has the shortest queues.
  4. Bring a colour copy of your passport. When traveling have the copy in your suitcase and carry the passport on you. When at the hotel, lock your passport in the hotel safe and keep the colour copy on you.
  5. Use the hotel safe rather than the one in your room for securing cash.
  6. Make sure to bring a rudimentary kit of things you need in your hand luggage just in case your suitcase takes a bit longer to arrive.
  7. Want more tips for traveling? Here’s your guide for visiting Thailand the first time, and possible ideas for what to pack.

A word of advice from fellow members.

Noble Banadda (Outgoing): Noble Banadda is a professor and the Chair of the Department of Agricultural and BioSystems Engineering, Makerere University Kampala in Uganda. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2006). He has served as a visiting professor in universities in Africa, Europe and USA. He has authored 80 peer reviewed scientific papers in reputable international journals. He has been a member since 2013 and will outgoing this year.

I just can’t believe that time flies this fast. It practically means that I am not young anymore! I was misled by the song forever young… Anyhow, thank you so much. I really enjoyed the GYA. I met people that were high caliber and also formed useful networks. I have taken on the role of president of the NYA in Uganda. I plan to hand over to others. My biggest highlight was the two GYA meetings; Kenya and Sweden. I met interesting minds and I would highly recommend GYA. I also wish to mention to you that I was admitted to the senior academy based on my scientific works and achievements. I was the only person that belonged to the GYA, the NYA and the Uganda Academy of Sciences. I cant think of any better opportunity than that. Thank you and I really wish to continue the GYA spirit.

Maha Nasr (First Year): Maha Nasr is a an associate professor and researcher of pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy at the Ain Shams University in Egypt. Her research work mainly focuses on advanced technologies such as nanotechnology based drug carriers and composite delivery systems. She currently investigates the possibility of creation of novel carriers for treatment of diseases, mainly cancer and Alzheimer’s. She is a peer reviewer and editor in more than 37 international scientific journals. Maha has been a member since 2017.

I would like to advise the new members to get acquainted with all working groups before they attend the meeting, so that they can directly engage with other members without need for prior orientation. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you both.

And this was the last mailing before the AGM. So we shall see you next week then!

Have a safe trip!