Dear members, alumni and friends of the GYA,

It is incredible just how much time is flying by. Now there are not even a full two weeks left. Did you see last week’s information about the bus shuttles from and to the airport in Bangkok? If not, please do check again here: AGM Arrivals & Departures.

This week’s AGM News Ticker will provide you with information on some themed dinners and a non-binding dress code, more packing and travelling tips and of course more words of advice from outgoing / first year GYA members. Enjoy.

Dress codes, dinner nights – A few suggestions.

In general, this one is easy to answer: business casual. However, our dinner nights are an exception of a certain kind now and then. Here is some information on the different plans and what to expect (and what to bring).

07 May: Cultural Diversity Dinner.
The diversity committee has planned some fun activities around cultural diversity during the dinner on arrival day (7 May). To facilitate this they request that each of us consider wearing clothing that communicates one way in which we identify culturally – this may be in terms of your nationality, tribe, etc., or any other cultures that you identify with. Any cultural identity is possible, so let us have some fun with it! Most importantly, however, none of this is obligatory.

08 May: Dinner outside the venue
On Tuesday evening, we will visit Siam@Siam in Pattaya. To go along with the decorations there, the LOC proposes an “Under the Water” theme. So if you want to, you could wear something blue that night. Refer tp the hotel website to see just how water themed the hotel is: Siam@Siam Pattaya

09 May: The Gala Dinner.
This is our gala dinner night and it will be a bit more formal, with external guests and sponsors. It won’t be Black Tie, but generally members tend to dress up a bit more for this occasion.

Nevertheless: Please make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear – be it a tux, an evening gown, slacks and a dress shirt, a summer dress, or that Man Utd jersey (for Monday night). We want you to make the most out of the AGM and its opportunities. There is no point in wearing items that make you feel uncomfortable.

Working Group Time: Notes, suggestions and WGs in attendance.

We have compiled a guide for you about how to make the best of your AGM time in regards to Working Groups (WG) and Incubators. It explains what a WG is, what to plan for at the AGM, how to showcase it and go about funding. Find the guide here: Making the best of your AGM time – A note for Working Groups and Incubators (also available as PDF download).

Here is a list of all the Working Groups that will have representatives attending the AGM:

Don’t forget to pack your …

Check the news entries posted in the Don’t forget to pack category.

Visiting Thailand for the first time?

Check the news entries posted in the Travel category for all traveling tips on Thailand.

A word of advice from fellow members.

Mahesh Kumar (First Year): Mahesh Kumar is a successful young scientist in the field of Microelectronics. He received his PhD degree in Materials Science from IISc Bangalore. He was involved in the development of GaN based blue LEDs, Quantum-well infrared photodetectors, Solar cells and III-V quantum dots based detectors. He is founding Member of Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (2015-2019) and has been a member of the GYA since 2017.

It’s my pleasure to be a part of GYA and share my experience. Becoming a member of one of the world’s foremost cross-disciplinary young academy has broadened my network and honed my skills in communication, leadership and critical thinking.

Each year the academy welcomes young members from around the world. At the AGM in 2017, I was able to connect with young scientists who are an incredibly diverse group of innovators, explorers and problem-solvers, united by a passion towards science and a strong commitment to changing the world.

My advice to the new GYA members is to open up and get involved and not to limit your friend group to your own fraternity. GYA gives you opportunity to meet so many different young scientific personalities.These personalities will push you and challenge you in ways you did not know you could be. Go and be social!!

Let’s make the world a better place to live with the help of science.

Thank you, Mahesh!

And Samuel, one of the current EC members, whose tenure as a member will end at this year’s AGM, has advice to share as well:

Samuel Sojinu (Outgoing): Samuel Sojinu is a scientist in the field of Organic Geochemistry. He has extensively worked on the pollution status of the Niger Delta, effects of gas flaring in the Niger Delta, potentials of higher plants as bio monitors and phytoremediators, forensic investigations of oil spills, passive sampling, emerging contaminants among others. He has published over 30 scientific articles in learned and internationally reputable journals. Samuel has begun his tenure in 2013, and has been an EC member for his final year.

My five years sojourn in the GYA are quite memorable, saying that joining the GYA is one of the best things that has happened to me in life will amount to stating the obvious. I have met very passionate, unassuming, zealous, hardworking, dedicated and highly enterprising young scholars from different parts of the globe whom I wouldn’t have been opportuned to meet if not for joining the GYA.

I have been involved in very impactful studies with the best brains the world can parade, and engaged in very classic deliberations with egg heads for these past five years courtesy the GYA.

The downtimes are insignificant and can be overlooked. All I can say to the new members is to maximize all the numerous opportunities the GYA has to offer while creating new ones.

Thank you for your kind words, Sam.

This is it for this week. We hope you are all well and preparing for your time in Pattaya. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by simply sending an email to .

See you in Thailand!