Dear members, alumni and Advisory Board members,

I hope this email finds you well. There are only 3 weeks left before we travel to Thailand. The Office staff members in attendance are very much looking forward to seeing you again – or meeting you for the first time.

In this week’s News Ticker mailing, there is a quick guide on how to find fellow members on the website, an introduction of the Advisory Board members in attendance and more information on the code of conduct and social media guidelines. Enjoy!

Arrival & Departure: Your way to and from the hotel.

First things first: A bus shuttle service will be in place for your transit from the airport to the hotel and back. Please check this page: AGM Arrival & Departure Times to see what busses have already been scheduled. Note that it will be impossible to completely avoid waiting times. To allow for everyone to find their way to the hotel, use the form on the linked page to let us know when you arrive / leave. If in doubt, please contact at the Office.

Find out more about your fellow members: The members page and how to look others up.

The GYA Website has a section listing all of our members, and a second listing dedicated to the alumni. See the links below to be taken there right away:

The filter option at the top of the page allows you to limit the listing to only a certain country or a research field (we will soon add the options to filter by continent and GYA activity). Furthermore, you can search for a specific name.

If you’re interested in who of your fellow members are attending this year’s AGM, then click on the link to the following page (you may have to login first):

Meet the Advisory Board Members who’ll attend the AGM

Kevin Marsh (Kenya) is a Professor of Tropical Medicine at the Nuffield Department of Medicine. He has a broad research interest in child health in the tropics, with a particular focus in the immune epidemiology of malaria. From 1989 to 2014 he directed the KEMRI Wellcome Programme in Kenya. Kevin Marsh has furthermore taken a particular interest in the development of  science in Africa. He is currently seconded for 50% of his time as senior adviser to the African Academy of Sciences. Kevin is chair of the WHO Malaria policy advisory committee (MPAC) and  a member of many global health advisory groups.

Yuko Harayama (Japan) is an Executive Member of the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) at the Cabinet Office. Prior to joining the CSTI, she spent two years at the OECD as the Deputy Director of the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (STI), and ten years at the Graduate School of Engineering of Tohoku University as a Professor of Science and Technology Policy.

Narong Sirilertworakul (Thailand) is the President of the National Science and Technology Development Agency in Thailand. For the last twenty-five years, Narong Sirilertworakul has been engaged in driving science and technology for a better future of Thailand. In doing so, he has been and is key in supporting GYA’s activities in Thailand and Southeast Asia. He obtained his Ph. D. in manufacturing engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK and completed a Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and a Director Certification Program from the Thai Institute of Directors.

Linda Nordling (South Africa), originally from Sweden, cut her teeth on science and politics reporting in the UK before moving to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2006. She writes about science, education, medicine and development—and the politics and intersections between all four. Her work has appeared in Nature, Science, The Guardian, Quartz, The Scientist and Tonic, among others. She’s researched for TV documentaries and mentored several African science journalists, and has a special interest in how African research is portrayed globally as well as in the lived experience of scientists in the Global South (credit: Linda’s website).

Code of conduct and social media guidelines

Everyone attending the AGM will be kindly asked to adhere to the code of conduct and GYA’s social media guidelines. We put the most important data together for you. Of course, especially in the day and age of social media being a big part of our lives, there is a guideline for the AGM concerning social media, what to post and – most importantly – what not to. Please refer to the document detailing this: AGM Code of Conduct.

In general, we ask that you please be aware of the potential for large cultural and individual differences in what is seen as appropriate information to be shared. If in doubt, please ask before posting. We expect all meeting participants to engage to behave with the highest of decorum in their communications online and in person.

Don’t forget to pack your …

Check the news entries posted in the Don’t forget to pack category.

Visiting Thailand for the first time?

Check the news entries posted in the Travel category for all traveling tips on Thailand.

A word of advice from fellow members.

Maral Dadvar (1st Year): Maral Dadvar is a postdoctoral researcher at the Web-based Information Systems and Services Group at Stuttgart Media University in Germany. Her research interests lie in the areas of information retrieval, data integration, and natural language processing while she is also heavily focused on Linked Open Data and social media information analysis. She’s been a member since 2017.

I started my membership by jumping in head first, and I think that’s the way to get started. In my first AGM I should admit I found things very vague and confusing and I couldn’t connect all the dots. But since I was very determined and motivated to be an active member of GYA, from the very first year I became the chair of the Selection Committee and co-lead of Scientific Excellence WG. At first it was hard and confusing, because I didn’t know the people, connections, projects, rules and … but waiting outside the filed also wouldn’t help. So I learnt things along the way while contributing and I am still learning.

So my suggestion is not to be scared and ignore the confusion. We are in GYA because we want to contribute and we should just start. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and helping hands. The rest will come together in time.

Thank you, Maral!

We hope you are all well and preparing for your time in Pattaya. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by simply sending an email to .

See you in Thailand!