Dear members and alumni,

this week we are going to look at something important in terms of what the GYA is and what (who) it needs in order to grow. Active members! The AGM is a perfect starting point for a successful membership. Furthermore, we will provide articles, texts and links for further research on the conference topic this year. Again, this week’s issue is simply chalk-full of information. We hope you enjoy!

New travel funds available for 2018 AGM! We have received additional funding to help co-fund travel to the AGM in Thailand. Please to contact and / or Geert at the Office as soon as possible (by 5 April 2018) if you’d like to apply.

Making the most out of your GYA membership aka. How to be an active member!

First and foremost: Please, make sure you receive our emails. We frequently email our members: newsletter, calls, mailings through our members-mailing lists. If you do not receive our emails you will possibly miss out on a lot of what’s going on.

And one more: The Intranet is for you. Log in, look around. Post in the forums! We wholeheartedly invite you to make the place your own:

There is really just one way of putting this: The GYA is what members make of it. It is up to you and your fellow members to get together and set up that working group, or initiate an event, or get started on that publication. Of course, there are governing and supporting bodies to aid you in all of your GYA-themed endeavours and you’re hereby invited to reach out to them (EC, various committees and the Office).

The Executive Committee (EC) is made up of eleven GYA members, overseeing the overall strategic direction and making sure, we’re staying on course. They do a lot of work, so please understand that they won’t be able to create activities for you.

The Advisory Board (AB) are ‘just’ advisors.

And the Office, you ask. The office does provide assistance on a meta-level: we oversee the structure and running of the working groups, keep an eye on the membership and finances, provide means of communication and ensure they work, and support you on your way to publishing your findings.

How to go about being active then?

We have put together different things to do and how to go about them in a longer article reposted here.  Do feel free to share the post!

The AGM’s focus: Healthy ageing and related challenges

We’re collecting articles, websites and other publications relevant to the AGM’s topic for your. Check this article where we’ll keep an ongoing list updated for you. Feel free to send more articles / links to .

Preparation of the AGM’s conference statement

Did you know that we are preparing a conference statement to spread the ideas that we develop as a group during the AGM this year? All conference participants and members not being able to attend the conference are encouraged to contribute. The statement structure will follow the panel topics: aspects of ageing will be discussed from the viewpoints of the individual, the society and the environment with an emphasis on ageism.

Opportunity will be provided during the meeting to contribute to and shape the statement, which will be presented on the last conference day in its final format. Should you have any suggestions or ideas before the meeting regarding the contents of the statement, feel free to get in touch with the statement coordinators, Anna Harris () and Gergely Toldi ()

Don’t forget to pack your …

Check the news entries posted in the Don’t forget to pack category.

Visiting Thailand for the first time?

Check the news entries posted in the Travel category for all traveling tips on Thailand.

A word of advice from fellow members.

Anna Harris (1st Year): Anna is a social scientist first trained in medicine and tries to make sense of the extraordinary and ordinary worlds of medical practice through comparative and collaborative ethnographic projects. She has held research posts at Maastricht University, University of Exeter and the University of Melbourne, and been a visiting researcher at the University of Amsterdam, McGill University, RMIT (Melbourne), Brocher Foundation and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. She has been a member since 2017.

I have had a great year, loved getting to know the GYA more and getting involved. I think that the AGM is now improved in regards to new members, with the pre-AGM workshop and the WG fair. My advice to new members would be:

You’ve probably been selected into the GYA because you are curious and open-minded. Your first AGM and its lead up may feel a little overwhelming. But all you really need to be prepared and to have a great time, is to bring the curiosity and open-mindedness that brought you to the GYA in the first place.

Thank you, Anna!

So, and once more we’ve reached the end of this week’s mailing. Thank you for your time, remember to follow / friend us on Facebook and Twitter. On a sidenote: If you are not coming to the AGM (no registration) then this is the last mailing of the AGM weekly ticker you will receive. Please do consider coming – as mentioned above – there is additional funding available. Do contact us to find out if we can help you organise your attendance.

If you have any questions about this email or its content (or can think of something we should definitely remind other members of for their travel preparations), please send an email to .

See you in Thailand!