Join existing activities  (Incubators, Working Groups, Flagship Projects, Committees, etc.)

Propose new Incubators (Incubators are newly initiated working groups! Contact at the Office to find out how to start your own.) The AGM is a great place to develop ideas for such incubators.

Volunteer for a member committee. (A lot of things are done through committees every member is invited to join. Only through participation by its own members can the GYA thrive and grow. Bring in your ideas, make your voice heard.)

  • Communications and Interactions Committee. Effective communications can help us achieve our overall objectives; engage effectively with stakeholders; demonstrate the success of our work; ensure people understand what we do, and; change behaviour and perceptions where necessary. Contact Karen (EC) or Sasha (EC) if you have question
  • Fundraising Committee. The role of the Fundraising Committee is to find ways to expand the current GYA funding, e.g. by establishing and maintain contacts. If you have questions, contact Karly (EC), Patrizio (EC) or Moritz (EC / CC)
  • Membership Selection Committee. This committee plays a vital role in maintaining the high quality and diversity of new members. The members of this committee review all incoming applications for new membership each year (approximately 40 new members selection each year). Maral as the committee chair is your point of contact should you have questions.
  • Membership Diversity Committee. This committee regularly reviews membership statistics and develops strategies to encourage applications from in particular under-represented applicants (region, discipline, gender etc.). Contact Connie (EC) for further information.
  • Finance Review Committee. The members of the finance review committee review the spending of the GYA and comment on ways to become more efficient in using the limited funds of the GYA. For further information please do contact at the Office.
  • Constitutional and Legal Committee. The role of the Constitutional and Legal Committee is to review suggestions in terms of legal feasibility, assess the impact of these changes and advise the EC. Contact Tolu (EC / CC) for further information.
  • Review Committee. The ensure outputs of the highest quality, this committee will facilitate the review process of working group funding applications, statements, reports etc. If you have questions, do send Sasha (EC) an email.
  • Member Nomination and Opportunities Committee (NomC). There are plenty of opportunities where an endorsement of a member by the GYA would help. Similarly, the GYA often gets invited to nominate candidates to participate in events or serve on further committees. The role of this committee is to ensure that this process is fair and transparent. Contact (Committee Chair) or Patrizio (EC) if you would like to join or have questions.
The calls for these committees are regularly sent out to all members! So make sure you get all of our emails (check that spam folder if the GYA suddenly vanished from your inbox. Sometimes the spam filters work a little too well, in our experience).
A complete list of all current GYA Member Committees can be found here.

Run for office. (Members of the EC are elected at the AGM! You should consider running for a spot on the EC! Any member is eligible. This includes the members joining us in 2018!) See a list of the current EC members on our website here.

Establish and support a Young Academy. (We support the establishment of NYA’s in every country. Is there one in yours? If not, consider leading an initiative to create one. And if there is a YA in existence, then get in contact and help them grow. Further details can be found on our website – or use the opportunity at the AGM to get in contact with to find out what you can do in detail.)