Presentation Coaching

with coach Lisa Shufro
* Lisa Shufro has coached for the Next Einstein Forum and TEDMED

The benefits to GYA members include learning to:

  1. Communicate their work to professionals outside their field of expertise
  2. Understand differences between conference and academic presentations
  3. Learn the process to prepare non-academic talks of different lengths
  4. Use visual aids and notes as supports rather than crutches
  5. Gain confidence and fluency presenting on-stage, e.g. posture and verbal tics

Even if you can’t take part in all offers, the webinars and masterclass will be recorded and publicized for interested GYA members to view and learn from.

2 Pre-Event Webinars, 2 hours each

The 2-part series consists of a presentation with case studies, and an open Q&A session. Attendees may ask about their own talks, or about preparing public talks in general. The webinars will be recorded and publicized for GYA members who are not able to attend.

  • Part 1, Monday 16 April 12:00-14:00 UTC

WHAT TO SAY: Steps to preparing a short public talk, including guidelines for: defining an objective, a checklist of questions to ask the person asking you to speak, planning talk length, complexity of language, and visual aids.

  • Part 2, Saturday 28 April 14:00-16:00 UTC

HOW TO SAY IT: Open Q&A following up from previous session.Continuing with improving delivery and on: posture, speed, memorization techniques, and dealing with memory slips.

After both workshops, attendees may submit questions or drafts for email comments as long as they agree that answers/suggestions can be posted to the private GYA channel so all members can learn and see the process of evolution.

On-Site Workshop

A half-day masterclass – from 14:00 – 18:00 on 7 May – at the Dusit Thani Pattaya, for AGM attendees. The workshop will consist of a short talk on why scientists should give talks to the public, a recap of lessons learned while coaching, and an open coaching session for any attendee who wants it. At this stage, content will not be addressed, but delivery and tips may be. The session will be taped and posted on a private channel for GYA use.