There are two 2-hour sessions set aside in the AGM to discuss internal matters and further improve our GYA. In the first (on day 1; 8 May) session, the EC and Office will summarise their activities related to GYA governance since the previous AGM. The second session (on day 4; 11 May) will be an opportunity to plan for the future of the GYA. Whilst some content exists for these sessions, the EC would like members to contribute to the agenda of what will be discussed.

So, if you would like to propose a topic for discussion in either of these sessions, which may or may not relate to constitutional matters, but must pertain to governance, structure, and/or strategic priorities of the GYA, please send an email to by 07 April with the following info:

Topic to be discussed:
Rationale/problem statement:
Proposed updates /suggestions  (if applicable):

After the deadline, the EC will be in touch with topic proposers to plan for the sessions including scheduling (timing for each discussion will depend on the number of issues to be discussed), supporting members in the preparation of discussion ahead of the AGM (some proposals may want to circulate drafted proposals to members before we meet, for example), to ensure we have the opportunity to discuss these at the AGM. This will allow for a focused discussion and the best use of our overall limited time together at the AGM. Please note that after the 7 April deadline, the time for proper preparation is likely to be too short and it may no longer be possible to include further topics to the internal sessions of the official AGM programme.

NOTE: To ensure active participation (and interest) of all members in attendance, discussion of specific issues related to a given Working Group’s content would/should be scheduled during Working Group time, and not in these plenary sessions.