Dear members and alumni,

We’re already onto the second mailing and this week we’d like to shed some light on what sort of meeting the AGM actually is – meaning what you can expect if you’ve never been to one before. We’re also going to look at what it can do for you if you are not able to attend. Furthermore, we’ve included a few images that should help you with electrical outlets and such in Thailand. We hope you’ll enjoy the read!

It’s a working meeting: Sleep is for the plane ride home.

So the AGM is around the corner. But what to expect – especially if you’ve never been to one? While we are staying in a beautiful hotel close to the beach, we might not see much of the lovely scenery. It is a working meeting, and believe me; none of us are expecting to get a lot of sleep. Early mornings and long nights are the norm, because this is the one time of the year where we get so many of the GYA’s members (and alumni, and even the Office) in one place. It’s a time to meet face-to-face, share your interests and possibly lay out the groundwork for a new incubator or Working Group. You’ll be able to engage in panels, listen to the lightning talks of your fellow GYA members or simply use the breakfasts, lunches or dinner nights to network.

Thus, it is important for you to come prepared: bring your laptop (you’ll be able to use WiFi at the hotel in Pattaya), and do not forget a charger! Perhaps you should bring a USB-stick or any other simple, universally usable plug- and-play device for data transfer, as well. Definitely do bring headphones!

Have your access data at the ready: your Onedrive account, or possibly Dropbox or Google. Expect panelists or speakers to share their information ad-hoc by uploading it to the intranet or any other collaboration platform.


Have your say at the AGM!

There are two 2-hour sessions set aside in the AGM to discuss internal matters and further improve our GYA. In the first (on day 1; 8 May) session, the EC and Office will summarise their activities related to GYA governance since the previous AGM. The second session (on day 4; 11 May) will be an opportunity to plan for the future of the GYA. Whilst some content exists for these sessions, the EC would like members to contribute to the agenda of what will be discussed.

So, if you would like to propose a topic for discussion in either of these sessions, which may or may not relate to constitutional matters, but must pertain to governance, structure, and/or strategic priorities of the GYA, please send an email to by 07 April with the following info:

Topic to be discussed:
Rationale/problem statement:
Proposed updates /suggestions  (if applicable):

After the deadline, the EC will be in touch with topic proposers to plan for the sessions including scheduling (timing for each discussion will depend on the number of issues to be discussed), supporting members in the preparation of discussion ahead of the AGM (some proposals may want to circulate drafted proposals to members before we meet, for example), to ensure we have the opportunity to discuss these at the AGM. This will allow for a focused discussion and the best use of our overall limited time together at the AGM. Please note that after the 7 April deadline, the time for proper preparation is likely to be too short and it may no longer be possible to include further topics to the internal sessions of the official AGM programme.

NOTE: To ensure active participation (and interest) of all members in attendance, discussion of specific issues related to a given Working Group’s content would/should be scheduled during Working Group time, and not in these plenary sessions.

More Calls:

There are more ongoing calls for the AGM:

Check the calls page on the conference website for an up to date list of ways to actively participate in this year’s AGM.

Don’t forget to pack your …

Check the news entries posted in the Don’t forget to pack category.


Visiting Thailand for the first time?

Check the news entries posted in the Travel category for all traveling tips on Thailand.


A word of advice from fellow members.

Teresa Stoepler (1st Year) : Teresa Stoepler is executive director of the InterAcademy Partnership for Research (IAP-R), a multinational organization of science academies that provides advice to international organizations and national governments. Teresa is co-leading a flagship GYA initiative to induct at-risk and refugee scholars into the GYA and to provide mentoring support. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Botany from Humboldt State University and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the George Washington University. Her tenure as a member began in 2017.

“The GYA is one of the most inspiring groups of people I have ever interacted with. I am continuously amazed at the dedication of the GYA membership and feel lucky to be a part of it!”

Thank you, Teresa!

And this is it again for today. Thank you for your time, remember to follow / friend us on Facebook and Twitter.


  • You can read back on all the previous mailings on the AGM Microsite right here.
  • We now have a section listing all conference calls for the AGM here.
  • Registration has been extended until 25 March 2018.
  • If you’d like to attend but are facing financial problems do contact at the office directly asap. She might be able to assist!

If you have any questions about this email or its content (or can think of something we should definitely remind other members of for their travel preparations), please send an email to .

See you in Thailand!